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Specialist Fabricated Products

Manufacturing Product 1

Oval brise soleil Sample for London Restaurant


Manufacturing Product 2

Heathrow airport hotel interlocking fins


Manufacturing Product 5

Super-node boxes for central Plaza


Twisted Fins

Twisted Fins for Leeds project


Manufacturing Product 3

Macaloy boxes for central plaza


Manufacturing Product 4

Pattern that was lasered for a hotel in London


Flashings & Folded Panels

To complement our range of façade system Spanwall custom fabricate flashing, normally in 3mm aluminium but are offered in other materials and thickness. Spanwall fold and internal and external 90° Corners for our RF50-FR and SF40-FR cladding panel as well as for Parapet Capping’s. Curved elements are also available along with custom 3-Dimensional forms of our RF50-FR Rainscreen panels as manufactured for the Titanic Visitors Centre.

Horizontal & Vertical Feature FINS

Spanwall offer bespoke shapes and sizes. Our team works with the design team to create a detail in both scale and shape which compliments the overall building design. A wide range of metals along with pre-coating or post-coating finishes can offer a cost-effective solution.

Trapezoidal / Sinusoidal / Castellated

With a versatile range of CNC folding machines and tooling, Spanwall offer multiple profiling options, including Castellated (box), Trapezoidal, V-Shape and Sinusoidal (wave). These can be offered individually or in any combination to create a unique façade.

Soffit Panels / Trays / Shingles

Soffit panels / trays can be fabricated in 2mm, 3mm or 4mm aluminium or using an alternative specialist metal finish as defined by the project specification. Proprietary hanging system to suspend these soffit panels are available. Shingles (interlocking shapes) can be offered as individual panels or supplied as a unitised solution. Shingles are available in various metals and finishes.

Perforating, Routing & Laser Cut Designs

Spanwall offer inhouse Perforating, Routing and Laser cut designs. Spanwall over the years have punched multiple perforated patterns in sheet metal resulting in striking architectural facades. We have retained these single and cluster tools and offer these on request. New tools can be manufactured should you require a new custom pattern. Routing traditionally used to facilitate tight folds or acute angles, slots, holes, and grooves can also be used to add detail to the face of a panel such as flutes. Large openings and special designs are produced by laser cutting.

Folded Louvre

Spanwall fold light gauge metal to form louver profiles, these are used to great effect on the façades of buildings. They are manufactured from 0.9mm thickness aluminium PVF2 painted coil material or 1.2mm to 1.5mm aluminium with a polyester powder paint finish to a RAL colour of choice. Standard profiles are available, or the blade pitch and depth can be designed to integrate into other building elements. The Louvre banks can be ventilated by perforating the horizontal return surface to give varying degrees of open area.

Column Casing and Enclosures

Spanwall offers press formed or rolled column casings in circular, square, or elliptical shapes. The same full range of metals and finishes are available along with the adjustable secondary steel support work and jointing methods.

Specialist Features

Spanwall excel at fabricating complex sheet metal shapes made using the latest folding and pressing technology in our manufacturing plant. We are constantly investing in new production software and specialist equipment which means Spanwall can offer increasingly more complex shapes in various lengths to complement their standard rainscreen product range.