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Testing & Warranties

Spanwall understand the importance of independent product testing and certifications, that is why our Rainscreen cladding systems carry the most up-to-date certification from recognised certification test centres such as Efectis and UL International. 
The following is a list of tests carried out. Copies of the certificates can be accesses via the Download tab.

  • Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes, and Standard test methods for Building Envelopes, CWCT, 2006)

  • A1 or A2-s1,d0 to EN13501-1 (Classification of Reaction to Fire Performance) 

  • BS8414-2:2020 (Fire Performance Classification in Accordance with BRE135:2013 Annex B)

  • UL Mark Certified System (BSFO – Performance of Curtain Walling, Rainscreen Cladding and Cladding Support Systems – Issue 2)

  • CE Marking (substrate, on request)

  • Product Warranty <25-years