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Spanwall use a range of materials to meet our clients’ design needs. Non-standard materials and sizes available upon request, for further information please contact us.


As standard Spanwall utilise the following Aluminium Alloys

  • 1050 H14
  • 3103 H14
  • 3003 H14
  • 4000 Series on Request
  • 5000 Series on Request (includes J57s UP for Anodising)
  • 6000 Series on Request (includes extruded profiles)
  • Temper Options on Request


A range of natural and precoated Coppers finishes are available using KME TECU.

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)

ACM A2 Fire Rated is a metal/polyethylene/metal composite material which uses the composite beam effect to create a very light weight but extremely strong and flat material which is easily cut and formed into cassettes, trays, and other custom shapes. Contact our Sales team for current information on availability and suitability.


A range of natural and precoated Zinc finishes are available using the VMZINC product range.

Weathered Steel

Spanwall offer Weathered Steel as part of our standard offering, RF50FR and SF40-FR panels can be fabricated using 2mm COR-TEN® or an alternative.

Stainless Steel

Spanwall offer a sheet metal fabrication service for stainless steel <2mm, this includes 304 and 316 with various surface treatments including highly polished (mirror) finish along with textured and pattern finishes from RIMEX.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Steel options for fabrications are available on request.